Tailored Tutoring Services

at Remote Dyslexia Solutions

Personalized Learning That Understands Your Child

At Remote Dyslexia Solutions, we recognize that each child’s educational needs are unique— especially when tackling challenges associated with dyslexia and related learning differences. Our services are designed to provide personalized support that meets your child right where they are.

Our Tutoring Services Include

One-on-One Tutoring

Direct, personal attention from certified educators ensures that your child’s specific needs are addressed. We offer virtual sessions, providing flexibility and convenience for families.

Multisensory Learning Techniques

Utilizing the Orton-Gillingham Approach, our tutoring sessions incorporate:
Visual (Sight): Enhancing word recognition through sight.
Auditory (Hearing): Developing phonemic awareness through listening.
Kinesthetic (Movement): Engaging the body in learning through action.

A Typical Tutoring Session Involves


Handwriting Practice

To reinforce the correct
formation of letters.


Review of Previous Lessons

To ensure retention and 


Introduction of New Concepts

Focused on reading, writing, and 
spelling patterns.


Skill Building

 Including grammar, punctuation,
sentence structure, and reading comprehension. 


Reading Aloud

To practice new skills in a
coherent manner. 


Homework Assignments

Short, manageable tasks that 
reinforce daily learning.

Customized Progression

We begin with an assessment to understand your child's current level and build a tailored learning plan that progresses at their pace. Each lesson is designed to build on previous knowledge, gradually introducing more complex concepts in a supportive and confidence-building manner.

Experience the Difference

Our specialized approach not only improves literacy and academic skills but also boosts overall confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Whether your child needs help with basic phonetics or advanced comprehension, our tutors are here to assist every step of the way

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